Prices to Order or Update

Loan Officer Version:  $395.00

This Windows version is customized for an individual Loan Officer. It has the Loan Officer's name hard coded into the installation disk. The loan officer is licensed to install the software in Real Estate agent's computers. There is no limit on the number of installations and there is no additional cost for these installations!

Orders of 2 or more:  $335.00 each

Get a friend to buy and you save 15%. Volume discounts available for company purchase.

Office Version:  $795.00

The Windows Office version can be shared by all Loan Officers in a branch location. This license is ideal for use by multiple originators in a single office.

Cloud version of Quick Qualifier

$95.00/yr or $79/yr (2 yrs) or $65/yr (3 yrs) + $100 Setup Fee (first year only)

You can add a link to your own Internet Calculators. These calculators will mirror your interest rates, closing costs and prepaids. Add a link from your website or email a link to your clients. You can also use them yourself from and IPad or IPhone. Click here for a sample: Online Demo

Phone Apps: Inclueded free with cloud version  

Our screens designed for a smart phone work far better than a mere phone app. Features include the ability to create a PDF or send an email from your phone.

Spanish/Bilingual Option:  Free

Prints in English or Spanish

Demo version:  Free

Click Demos and Downloads to download our demo, or call us.

No annual maintenance fee!

The program is designed to avoid required updates. You can change loan limits in the setup. If there are agency quideline changes that require re-coding, then an update will be offered for a minimal cost. . send an email from your phone.

Upgrade to Loan Officer version 17.0

$95 from version 16.0

$145 from version 15.0

$195 from version 14.0

$245 from earlier versions

Upgrade to Office version 17.0

$195 from version 16.0

$295 from version 15.0

$395 from version 14.0

$495 from earlier versions