Features of Quick Qualifier Software

Make Open House Flyers

Make stunning Open House Flyers for your Real Estate agents. Import digital photos of properties, agents and logos. Choose from fourteen different designs. You can also add up to five loan program comparisons in the finance flyers. You can make the flyers in less than 30 seconds, because everything is pre-calculated. If you can make an attractive flyer this fast, you can make lots of them. If you do a lot of advertising, you will get more business.

Online Version

With the online version, you can send loan scenarios, prequal letters or open house flyers from your IPad or any device that has Internet access.  You can also share your custom web address with your agents and clients.  When they click the email button, a duplicate goes to you.

  Fast, Accurate Loan Information

When you are on the phone with a client, you need information and you want it fast. When you input a sales price and interest rate, everything is calculated for you instantly. Closing costs are automatically used from your defaults. You can print an easy-to-understand scenario with a single click.  Current FHA guidelines are included and defaults can be changed in the software.

  Qualify Buyers

The Client Database stores contact information as well as specifics on the loan scenario that you have shown them. You can also enter their income and monthly payments. When you do this, qualifying ratios are instantly calculated when you create or edit the loan program. For a VA guaranteed loan, residual income is calculated and displayed on the screen.

  Home Shopping Guide

The shopping guide displays the maximum sales price for up to ten different loan programs. You can base these parameters on a desired payment. You can also based the display on income and debts and use it to qualify your clients. You can display the information with a colorful graph or you can print the results with details on down payment, closing costs and prepaids.

  Rent vs. Own

You can show a client the tax benefits of owning a home. Quick Qualifier™ extracts the write-off information from your loan scenario. It then uses IRS formulas using income, marital status and dependents to display the tax savings that a home owner will receive. You can also show your client how the tax savings will compare with the cost of renting during the life of the loan. As rental costs will increase, it becomes less costly to own a home. It also shows the projected increase in equity.

  Refinance FHA, VA or Conventional

Everything in the FHA streamline refi is calculated for you. Quick Qualifier™ calculates the MIP refund and applies it to the new refinance. You enter the new interest rate and the remaining calculations are automatic. You can print or email the information to your client and to your loan processor. Current FHA guidelines are included and defaults can be changed in the software.

  Make More Money!

Quick Qualifier™ offers two versions. The Office Version can be used by all personnel in a single branch location. The Loan Officer Version is licensed to a single individual. This version can be installed royalty free in computers owned by RE agents and builder clients. It will generate leads for you. Everything prints with your name and phone number.

  Real Estate Agent Tools

When you give Quick Qualifier™ to your Real Estate agents, they can make Seller Net Sheets and Property Flyers. They will want the software for these tools alone.  Once they are used to using the software that you have provided them, you will have a lasting relationship with them. However, there is also a timer that you can set to encourage reciprocity in the relationship.