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I have been using quick qualifier for about 8 years. The benefits include:
    1. Ability to give prospect accurate fee projections 24/7
    2. Helps build relationships with Realtor Partners
    3. Easy to use and update when fee patterns change.
I use have used QQ successfully at several companies. Dennis Duncan, SunTrust Mortgage, Blacksburg, VA dennis@dennisduncan.com

I have used Quick Qualifier for several years and it is by far the very best investment I've made in my mortgage career. With Quick Qualifier, in less than 1 minute, I can quickly determine whether a prospect is qualified for a mortgage and accurately quote & email payment and cash to close. In our business, time is money and much of my success in the mortgage business is because I have had Quick Qualifier at my fingertips!" Pat Cray, Gold Coast Mortgage, FL(954) 682-0062 pcray@goldstarfinancial.com

I have used Quick Qualifier software for over 15 years and it is one of my most valuable tools for a loan originator! As a previous net branch owner, I required each loan officer to utilize the Quick Qualifier program for every client. It is not only fast and easy but extremely accurate! In addition, it is a great sales tool to provide to industry partners, such as Realtors! I highly recommend this program to every loan officer out there! Kimberly Motta-Mitchell, Regional Manager - Northern California at RPM Mortgage Inc, (925) 552-3880,

"A team of our department heads conducted an extensive evaluation of Quick Qualifier, looking at functionality and compliance. After the completing the evaluation, we decided to acquire licenses for all of our loan officers. Cindy Day, Process and Change Management and Helpdesk Technician, HomeStreet Bank, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii. (206) 389-6289 cindy.day@homestreet.com

"There is nothing out there that gives the closing cost and payment details with minimal effort AND it is easy to understand for both the originator and the borrower who gets the information. I’ve reviewed and tried many qualifying programs and have been a Quick Qualifier user for over ten years because it's the best there is. Kari Clouse, Residential Government Underwriter, Family Funding, Benecia, CA kari@familyfunding.net

"I have been using Quick Qualifier on a daily basis for almost 7 years now. I use it to easily structure loan programs for my clients and their agents. The format is clean and simple to understand. And the loan comparison module is great for showing the benefits of one loan over another. I highly recommend Quick Qualifier for anyone who wants to make an addition to there toolbox of sales and marketing tools as well." Ken Daniel, Manager, Franklin American Mortgage Company, Clarksville, TN (931) 553-8588 kdaniel@franklinamerican.com

"I would be thrilled to talk to anyone about your fabulous program. I could not live without it." Esther Fuller, Loan Consultant, Vitek Mortgage Group, Sacramento, CA (916) 715-7244 efuller@teamvitek.com

"This program is very user friendly for the loan officer, and easy for the borrower to understand what their payment and closing costs are going to be ." Carol Pato, Senior Mortgage Consultant, Delta Lending Group, Brentwood, CA (925) 753-1272 cpato@earthlink.net
" I have used Quick Qualifier Software for many years and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others in the mortgage business. " Alex Masterpole, President, America United Mortgage, East Syracuse NY. (315) 431-4100 or amaster@cnymail.com
"The Quick Qualifier Program is one of the most cost effective, and powerful programs available today for giving the Mortgage Originator the "Competitive Edge" in their marketing to Realtors and For Sale By Owners. The product gives your marketing and branding a huge boost." Bill Sparkman, The Coach, Sales Trainer & Motivational Speaker, (888) 600-1114
"Quick Qualifier is a great mortgage tool. I love using the program. I am also using it with ten Real Estate agents and it has already increased my business by 20%.!" Mark Rohrbaugh, Weichert Financial, Leesburg VA, (703) 475-6100
"I have been in the mortgage business for over 15 years and I have tried lots of programs. This one is absolutely the best, bar none!" Doyle Harris - Owner, American Mortgage of Lake Tahoe, So. Lake Tahoe, CA (530) 542-9285
"The ease of operation and being able to add my realtors information so I don’t have to type it each time. Being able to make flyers, doing a sellers net sheet, there is absolutely nothing you can’t do with this program." Doyle Folmer - Manager, Norman Financial, Shingle Springs, CA (530) 677-2267 doyal@normanfinancialmtg.com
"I absolutely love your program. I evaluated several software programs and Quick Qualifier™ is the fastest and easiest program that I found for my loan officers to learn and use." Steve Udall - Owner, Fullerton Mortgage & Escrow Company, CA (760) 966-3647